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The Trailside Kitchen Method:

A 4-Week Program of Strategic Eating for Outdoor Adventurers

Sure, you exercise and know basic healthy eating habits, but let's get serious here. Is your performance inconsistent? One day you are killing it and the next...not so much. Are you constantly hungry every hour or two? Maybe you want to take your performance to the next level, hit new goals, and feel amazing? Or maybe you are happy with where you are at and just want to improve and refine, have accountability, and shake things up. Wherever you are at, I'm excited to have you here!

What you’ll learn in our 4-Week Program

About Julia

Chicago native, Sonoma settled. Mad scientist in the kitchen. Lover of mountains, zombies, puppy underbites, and cheesy crime dramas.


Strategic eating is a step beyond “healthy.”

Eating strategically means understanding how food works in your body so that you can make food work for you.

As someone who loves to be outside, I know your focus is on getting the most enjoyment out of doing what you love.

That's where The Trailside Method comes in.

Throughout the four weeks, I encourage you to challenge conventional opinions on nutrition and learn what fuels you best.

Because let’s be real, when you are doing what you love, you want to perform at your best. Whether that is exercise, in your job, in your relationships, or in your community, the reality is when you feel great, you do everything the best!

So what are you waiting for? Your delicious journey awaits!

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How It Works

Pick Your Activity Type:

The primary type of exercise you do.

Cardio Endurance

Strength Training

Pick Your Level:

Your level is based on exercise intensity.

Lifestyle Level

Performance Level

Training Level

Here's why you'll love our Program

Weekly Challenges

Each week will focus on one concept at a time to ease the integration of strategic eating into your life to produce a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.

Tools for Success

You will be provided guidance on setting effective goals and will fill out self-assessment questionnaires to get an exercise performance baseline.

Education & Support

Not only will you get a full education on strategic eating, but you will have access to helpful charts of what labels are best to purchase and what to eat or not eat. With that, you'll also get tips & tricks on kitchen equipment, meal planning, and food shopping; as well as a weekly meal plan, shopping list, and checklists.


You will pick one person to be your weekly check-in "accountabili-buddy" throughout the program and also use a food & activity tracker to chart your progress, hold yourself accountable, and identify performance patterns. Sign up for the course format or one-on-one coaching for additional accountability!

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