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Trailside Kitchen

Helping adventurers (you!) get the best experience outdoors through strategic eating.

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Food with a Purpose

As someone who thrives in nature, I know your focus is on getting the most enjoyment out of doing what you love.

That’s where Trailside Kitchen comes in.

Strategic eating is food with a purpose. We make achieving your goals delicious. We mix recovery with reward. We live and breath to elevate your experience outside with satisfyingly indulgent food options.

“After a month on the program, I sent my hardest trad pitch to date in Zion, and five pitches later, I was still climbing hard. Add in the fact that I slimmed down my troublesome tummy area, and I was absolutely sold.”

– Julie Ellison, editor of Climbing Magazine

Dark Drinking Chocolate with Grass Fed Collagen

Use for muscle fiber repair as well as joint, ligament, and tendon support.

13 grams of collagen protein sourced from grass fed cows that is easily digested and absorbed by the body for maximum exercise recovery benefit. It is easy to use and can be enjoyed with hot water, milk, or coffee, as well as in smoothies or oatmeal.

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The Trailside Kitchen Method:

Strength Training or Cardio Endurance Program.

Because amazing days outside start at home. How you eat consistently is how you’ll perform consistently and someone else’s healthy won’t be your healthy. Sure, you know basic healthy eating habits, but is your performance inconsistent? Are you constantly hungry every hour or two? Maybe you want to hit new goals and feel amazing? Or maybe you are happy with where you are at and just want to refine, have accountability, and shake things up. Challenge everything you’ve heard about nutrition and start with a clean slate over 4 weeks and find out what works best for you.

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